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Erika Fitzibbon, M.Ed.

Over 20 years Fitzgibbon has coached thousands of clients to reach new goals, change their lives and achieve their dreams! She is an experienced performance coach, author, photographer and business owner who easily connects with diverse populations. Her past clients include high achieving professionals, entrepreneurs, career changers, job seekers, students and new professionals. As an accomplished award winning published photographer, Fitzgibbon takes pride in empowering women to look and feel their best!

In October 2018 her first book was published! Fitzgibbon co-authored “Activate Your Life: 50 Transformational Exercises from Coaches Around the World”. This collaborative project is now available on Amazon!

While writing and coaching, Fitzgibbon draws from multiple theories and concepts including career development, cognitive behavioral, asset based, human/lifespan development, family systems, neuroplasticity, mindfulness and more. She is classically trained as a psychotherapist at the masters level and uses a powerful combination of coaching exercises, visualization methods, story-telling techniques and design thinking concepts to help move you ahead!

Her clients are empowered to identify their passions, start or grow business, seek new opportunities, increase connectedness in relationships, balance their time, improve health/fitness and create individualized, values driven lives.

When she’s not working with clients, Fitzgibbon enjoys spending time with her two teenage daughters, capturing photos, lifting weights, getting outside, climbing mountains and enjoying salted caramel ice cream.

Master of Education, Career Counseling + Development
Bachelor of Art, Psychology

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